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3 Tips to boost your UX/UI Workflow

Hey there, long time no see.

Are you into UX/UI Design and using Figma? Here are some of our latest insights on how to boost your workflow.

1. Tidying up is maybe not your favourite job, but needed.

To know exactly which screen, frame, or component you're working with, make sure to name your stuff right. There are lot of plugins helping you to organise based on naming.

2. Auto-Layout is mightier than you might think.

Even if it takes some time to fully get into Auto Layout, it's worth every second. Once you understood it, this can save you so much time. Especially when you're doing adaptions for other devices. Figma provides great documentation to work with this feature.

3. Don't start every design system from scratch.

We know this the very best. When starting a new project it feels weird to start the design system completely from scratch. Due to a lack of great barebone starter kits, we decided to do our own.

Say hello to Shift 2.0 Barebones for Figma

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